A good excuse for a Gin & Tonic!

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A message from Fever-Tree:
This month we are running a global campaign on the subject of malaria – the whole reason tonic water was invented in the first place!  Fever-Tree is part of the global fight to eliminate malaria, a devastating disease that kills a child every 2 minutes.  It is a very simple socially led campaign to raise awareness that with continued support, Malaria could be eradicated within our generation.
With World Malaria Day taking place on April 26th, through the whole month, every time someone shares a picture of a ‘cheers’ to the end of malaria with #MalariaMustDie, anywhere in the world, we will give $9 (£5 GBP) to the charity  “Malaria No More”. We’re hoping to get thousands of posts so we can give plenty of cash but also to raise awareness of this totally preventable disease so governments reverse the slow-down in funding.
We’re calling on all friends of Southtrade International to help kick start the campaign to make sure we get off to a flying start and would love your help. Would you participate to help spread the word to all your connections and share your own picture with your next G&T.
Attached is a digital postcard with details on what needs to be done, as well as a link to a short film animation we have created: https://vimeo.com/264010930
PS: Why are we involved? Quinine – a naturally occurring compound found in the bark of the Cinchona tree – is the active ingredient in all ‘real’ tonic waters like Fever-Tree.  British soldiers in the 19th Century were instructed to take a daily ration, and adding gin to their daily ration made their ‘quinine tonic’ more palatable and the G&T was born.  Quinine remains an important anti-malarial drug, and Fever-Tree has long supported the various organisations fighting the fight against Malaria.

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