WA Women in Coffee

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A group of Perth women from various sectors of the coffee industry got together last week to discuss forming a WA Chapter of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance. From coffee growers to roasters, importers, providers of coffee machines and supplies, baristas and coffee shop owners, up to 70% of the people involved in the coffee industry are women. The group does not exclude men, of course, but being a group predominantly made up of women who are passionate about helping other women in the industry, women’s issues are at the fore. Many of the women attending the meeting in Perth were business owners, but in other countries – particularly in traditional coffee-growing areas such as Africa, South America and New Guinea, women are generally the workers in businesses usually owned by men. At the meeting we discussed ways of empowering these less privileged women to achieve meaningful and sustainable lives through education, mentoring and even providing basic help in areas such as providing feminine hygiene items to women in poor countries. If you are in the coffee industry and would like to get involved, contact Josephine: josephine@nordcoffee.com.au to find out when the next meeting will be held.


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