WA Big Winner in ‘Backpacker Tax’ Reversal

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imagesThe Commonwealth Government’s announcement today that it will reduce the tax on Working Holiday Makers from 32.5c to 19c, along with other visa changes, has been welcomed as a win for WA’s hospitality and accommodation sector.
The AHA has led the lobbying and advocacy on behalf of the hospitality and accommodation industry to have the backpacker tax reviewed and substantially reduced. Nearly 30% of WA’s hospitality and accommodation workforce are working holiday makers.
AHA CEO Bradley Woods congratulates the government on making the changes to the backpacker visa and the reduction in tax.
“The number of working holiday visa travellers to WA fell in the last year by 11.3% and the total number of nights they spent in the state dropped 19.2% for the year ending June 2016,” said AHA(WA) CEO Bradley Woods.

Other key changes include a $10 million boost to Tourism Australia to advertise Australia to working holiday makers, a reduction in visa costs and increasing the age limit of visa applicants to 35 years old.

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