The Fawlty Towers Experience!

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8 – 18 February
When you discover a pair of dentures in your soup, have to catch your bread roll – if you want to eat it – and find two knives to actually eat your lunch with, you know you’re not in the restaurant for the food or the service! You’d probably walk straight out of the door and not look back but as the Fringe World show title suggests you’re certainly in for the Faulty Towers “Dining Experience”. And what an experience it is.
From the moment nervous diners are ushered into the bar area for pre-lunch drinks at Rigby’s Bar and Bistro the entertainment is already underway as Manuel mingles with the crowd.
Forget intimate tables for two – diners are thrown together on long tables. Forget good service – bowls of soup are slammed down in front of you. Forget good food – but if you want to be transported back to a mid 1970s English seaside hotel then a soggy Hawaiian chicken, ham, cheese and pineapple parcel will not leave you disappointed!
The three-course meal – of tomato and basil soup, Hawaiian chicken parcels followed by chocolate mudcake – is not the star of the show by any means.
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By Nicola Heyes


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