Salamat Hari Raya!

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Director of Tourism Malaysia, Mr Shukri Hanafiah hosted a Hari Raya lunch at his home last Sunday. The event was in conjunction with the end of Ramadan and was chock full with traditional Malay food and warm, friendly people.
Family, friends, neighbours and writers that were invited to the event had a cornucopia of foods to choose from. There were Malaysian satays, beef rending, rice, chicken curry and an array of sweets.
Mr Hanafiah’s humble abode was joyful and inviting with laughter and cheer echoing through every corner of his beautiful home. The children were ecstatic and playing in the garden while the adults ate and socialised with one another.
All the food was so delicious, it was difficult to pick a winner but in the end, the Malaysian satays were the champion of the day. Mr Hanafiah did not want just any Malaysian satay, he wanted the exact same kind you find in any Malaysian street market. He scoured through every restaurant in Western Australia till he found the best one.
Satays are best eaten fresh from the barbecue and thus, were cooked in the back of his house. You could say it was like a typical Aussie barbecue but with an Asian twist.
Travel Channel has said that Malaysian food is one of the top ten foods of the world. The flavours of Malaysian cuisine are not influenced by only one culture. The ethnic diversity of the Malaysian people causes different cuisines to fuse together, creating the most delicious foods you will ever eat in your life!
I would like to thank Mr Hanafiah and his family for inviting me to such an auspicious event. This has been one of the most memorable occasions during my time here in Perth.
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