Red Cray

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Sandringham Central
86 Great Eastern Highway
Belmont WA 6104
Phone: (08) 9479 7000

Seafood for All

Entering the Red Cray on a delightfully warm Perth day, we were impressed by the light spilling into an attractive modern restaurant and bar that lead out onto an al fresco balcony overlooking the Swan River.
My guest and I were greeted by friendly and helpful staff, no doubt hand-picked by the experienced co-owners whose father has been in restaurants for years. Their aim is to serve premium seafood. A glance at the menu reveals a fusion of styles to please all palates, including children.
We began with the highly recommended ‘Tasting Plate’, presented skillfully on a round white platter.

I enjoyed seeing each artistic morsel without the fussy garnishing.
I was drawn to the colourful ‘In House Smoked Salmon’ on beetroot puree that was as deliciously fresh as it looked. The smoky flesh and sweet beetroot flavours combined perfectly with the light and lemony 2009 Hillbille Sauvignon Semillon Blanc (Blackwood River, WA). Our host selects wines for their uniqueness, and this drop is quite a curious one, seldom seen on a wine list.
The ‘Coconut Prawns’ were my favourite. The batter’s shredded coconut added crispness and a lovely subtle flavour to the plump, juicy prawns. Once again the Hillbille SSB stepped up and I felt predatory, wanting more.
Next was the ‘Spiced Lamb Cutlets’: the meat was tender and spicy enough to sting the tongue, and the wine really emphasized this sensation. I enjoyed chewing the dainty bone.

The ‘Crumbed Camembert Cheese’ deviated (thankfully) from the usual tasting plate. I liked the crunchy coating and then feeling the smooth melted cheese on my tongue.
We chose another entrée ‚ ‘Dukkah Squid’, which was served with a pile of crisp, colourful salad. The squid rings were well browned and there was a delightful crunch with each bite. I enjoyed the dukkah’s flavours, so distinct and full of spice, which was smoothed out by the lime aioli. The wine brought out the taste of the well cooked squid.
For main, I tried the ‘Sizzling Chilli and Garlic Prawns’. Served simply in a ramekin and sizzling hot, I could smell the pungent aromas. I was not disappointed by the sincere bite from the chilli and the delicious aftertaste of garlic as I chewed on the firm flesh of the prawns. The wine added its citrusy twist, and a squeeze of lemon juice held all the flavours together beautifully.

My guest had the ‘Herb and Lemon Crusted Chicken’ served on a warm Panzanella with wild rocket tapenade. The roast chicken was tender and had a lovely herb crust that blended beautifully with the salad and tapenade juices. The salad also had feta cheese which tainted the experience with a delectable salty, creamy flavour.
Having feasted on well-cooked and presented food with perfectly matched wine, we felt satiated, but when the ‘Alcoholic Sundae’ was mentioned, we managed to make room. We shared a cool, delicious sundae glass full of ice cream, Baileys, chocolate sauce, wafer sticks and whipped cream. They say too much of the good stuff kills you – if that is in fact the case, then at least I’d go blissfully with a big chocolatey-sweet grin on my face.

We came away having enjoyed good quality food at a reasonable price. Hence, we would recommend the Red Cray to all age groups for a leisurely meal and/or drink, or a quick and tasty treat before heading into the city or the airport. Seafood done simply is always supreme.

Red Cray has been featured in the Masters of Menu Recipe Book – for more information please click here.

by Frances Myshell


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