Positano Restaurant

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153 James St, Northbridge
Phone: (08) 9227 1184

Northbridge’s Secret

Located on James Street in the heart of Northbridge is a hip and trendy café strip, hiding a quirky little secret. Here on this funky street live a couple of places you think would only be found along the Amalfi Coast in Italy. However, right here in our very own suburb of Northbridge, you will find the beautiful restaurant that is Sorrento’s, and only a hop, skip and a jump away, you will literally be in picturesque Positano, both of which are named after the gorgeous little towns and cities on the Italian Amalfi Coast.
Positano is renowned for being a place that creates an illusion of a dream and this has all been reinvented at Positano’s Restaurant in Northbridge. From the traditional Italian mood enhancing music playing vibrantly in the background to the distinct Italian paintings that decorate the walls, the restaurant brings you to a little piece of Italy right here at home.

The food is best described by owner Anthony and Chef Asm, as Italian cuisine that crosses through the Mediterranean, resulting in unique dishes with a modern flair.
Our first taste of Positano heaven was the Balkan Burger, which was personally recommended by the chef and is a specialty I certainly hope will become a regular menu item. The Balkan Burger is inspired by the south eastern countries of Europe, by using cevapi (a skinless sausage) from the Balkan region and makes this burger interesting and extremely appetising. Had I not spoken to the chef about his recommendations I may have overlooked such a fascinating burger that is unique to Positano’s.
Marinated chicken breast served with Tiger prawns and calamari tubes was another outstanding main course meal offered at Positano’s. Served with baby potatoes and topped with the chef’s special garlic sauce this was divine.

Red flecks of chilli speckled throughout the sauce adding a hint of warmth that blended nicely with the creaminess and sweetness of the sauce. This Chicken and Prawn creation is a new addition to the menu at Positano’s and is a great representation of the calibre of food this restaurant delivers.
My time at Positano’s was not spent aloof, with two more great meals enticing me back to the beautiful atmosphere of the Italian alfresco dining as well as the comforting aromas that wafted throughout the restaurant. Baby Goat with Turnips and Potato and the Balkan Grill were two more meals I sampled and would recommend to individuals with great taste. Grilled cevapi and pljeskavica (beef patty) are the main attractions forming the Balkan Grill and caters for the meat lovers. This would be a great meal to enjoy with a side serve of Patatine Fritte (French fries) with aioli sauce or Garlic and Rosemary Potatoes. Italian spices mingled throughout the Baby Goat sauce, and the turnips gave a welcomed bitterness to the smoothness of the goat and the roasted flavour from the spices. These two meals showcase the medley of choices available and ensure there is something special for everyone.
Only a stone’s throw away in Northbridge can you experience the truly enchanting Amalfi Coast. From pasta to pizza, meat, seafood and the chef’s specials you will be more than pleased when you experience the splendour that is Positano’s.
By Louie Coen


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