Picnics and Wine – The Perfect Match

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Picnics are something many people, and all ants, enjoy during the warmer months. Pack a lunch into a nice basket, spread out a blanket on a nice comfy patch of grass, and you have the perfect excuse to spend an afternoon under the warm sun with a good friend or loved one. Many of the best picnics include wine, particularly red wine, and it’s important to know where to buy red wine as well as how to pair it with various foods.
Pack light
Especially in the warmer months over summer, packing light but tasty foods for you day on the green is the go. Cheeses, pull-apart bread, anti-pasta, dips and tarts always go down well with some well-chosen vino. What’s even better about these kinds of foods is you’ll be able to pick them up on the fly, so no matter who spontaneous you are, you’ll always be catered for so long as there’s a supermarket or store on route!
Stuck on which wines to accompany that blue cheese or olive bread? Take a look at the tips below to help steer you in the right direction.
The flavour of shiraz wines range from various berries (most notably blackberries) to chocolate, pepper and oak. The secondary notes of shiraz’s flavour and aroma can be manipulated by such practicers as the type of barrel it is stored in and the treatments used. As the wine ages, these flavours tend to become more subtle, perhaps even metamorphosing into hints of earthy tastes such as truffle or even leather.
This wine pairs well with a plate of cheese and crackers, but also goes great with pasta dishes and bread. If you happen to have more robust flavoured foods brought along for the day like left-over meats, shiraz is a winning accompaniment.
Popularised in the movie Sideways, Pinots, such as from the Yarra Valley are somewhat dry on the palate. The delicate flavour and texture of a good Pinot can be enhanced by serving it with fish dishes, roast beef or a dish made with mushrooms. Fruits that pair well with Pinot include delicate flavours such as pears, while brie cheese goes well with this wonderful wine.
Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc is made in many regions in Australia, but the most famous is perhaps the Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc. Pairing well with various seafood dishes as well as a variety of cheese, this is sometimes the ‘go-to’ wine for many picnic goers.
Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment
While certain wines pair better with different foods, never be afraid to experiment. It’s entirely possible that you may find a new flavour combination that tickles your taste buds to a greater degree than the suggestions given by the wine experts. Food, especially food enjoyed outdoors, should be a fun experience. Try different combinations and find the combinations that speak to you!
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