Phat Brew Club

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City West
102 Railway Street, West Perth
Ph: 0448 406 433

Phat ‘n’ Funky

Walking into the Phat Brew Club you are met with a huge open space and large welcoming bar; it feels like you have just stepped into your best friend’s garage. There’s that same feeling of hospitality and warmth, and with a large alfresco area and children’s playground, it’s a perfect spot to relax.

Phat Brew Club boasts having a new beer every week and one of the owners, Travis Moore, is proud of the innovative approach they’ve taken to doing something out of the box. “We have house specials every week and are becoming known for our unconventional approach towards beer styles. Rotating all the time so that each time a customer comes in their experience is different”.

Located next to City West, Phat Brew Club has great parking and is one of the most accessible places to eat in Perth. With a state-of-the-art kitchen, supplied by Caterlink, Chef Ian Macintosh couldn’t be happier “Caterlink supplied all the equipment with great service and set up; there were no problems, even when changes had to be made to some of the areas to suit the cooking style”. Moffat, working with Caterlink, designed and fitted out the kitchen and bars utilising premium Moffat manufactured brands, and ensuring constant results, back up support and longevity.

The kitchen pumps out some stylish food with seasonal dishes pitched towards an east meets west vibe. Ian heads a team of chefs who want Phat Brew Club known not only for its premium boutique beers but also its food. As a novice to beer and all its subtleties, I left the decisions to the knowledgeable bar staff on recommending the dishes for pairing and I would advise you to take advantage of their suggestions.

We started with the Deep Fried Popcorn Cauliflower with Gochujang Glaze and Sesame seeds. It was crispy and delightful, and when paired with Phubba Bubba Sour it was a meeting made in heaven with the sweetness of the glaze, slight hint of heat with the Gochujang and salty popcorn feel.

The Thai Style Swordfish Ceviche, served with fresh lime, snake beans, mint, crispy peanuts and witlof held a sense of self-indulgence, and paired with their 6005 Lager was a delight. The lightly cured swordfish was delicately flavoured and not overwhelmed, but enhanced with the crispy witlof and mint. The lager was light, crisp and sessionable, and probably my most favourite of the beers tasted.

Not for the faint-hearted, the next dish, Shishito Poppers with sesame, soy, fried garlic and seaweed salt was a mountain of whole chargrilled large chillies sprinkled with seaweed salt. It popped with crunch and smokiness, and paired with the Extra Phat XPA, this dish zipped happily with the beers touch of bitterness alongside passionfruit and stone fruit tones.

Our last dish was the Chang Mai Fried Chicken Burger with slaw, mayo, cheese and pickle. I was in burger heaven. The bun was soft, chicken crispy and the slaw just delicious. Again, paired with the Phubba Bubba, the dish was uplifted with the sour berry, lemon gummy finish of the beer.

Phat Brew Club is about having fun together and creating a culture of good times. The mate’s mantra according to Travis Moore “is about people coming and having a good time, enjoying the different types of food offerings available as opposed to a lot of other venues and enjoying the funky fun things which we create with the beers.” Really, it’s just about having a Phat time.

By Andrea Gallagher




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