Flight Club

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Flight Club
2 South Terrace, Fremantle
(08) 9322 2278

Sip, Play, Eat in Style

Flight Club Fremantle has arrived. Located in the old Newport Hotel site on the cappuccino strip, the sister venue of the well-established concept bar Flight Club Perth in Perth City, Flight Club Fremantle has embraced the original building design to create a vibrant atmosphere that invites you to eat, sip and play.

The interior is dressed in moody art deco maximalist décor. The venue celebrates the existing architecture, with the high ceilings, stained glass windows and archways, paired with bold floral wallpaper choices, heavy curtains, deep colours, wood and leather framing with walls adorned by a range of mid-century era pictures, ornate picture frames and clocks. 2000 Cabochons (lights that are commonly used in fairgrounds and amusement parks around the world) drape throughout, highlighting the different nooks and alternative spaces available to accommodate both intimate and larger groups.

We are invited to our ‘oche’ (pronounced oc-ee, rhymes with hockey) and shown how to choose our own dart adventure on an interactive digital display panel. We settle on a plush leather emerald embossed bench seat. There are long table benches to our side, waiting for pints, cocktails and eats to be placed. Via the digital display, we peruse the six different dart game options available.

Selecting our game, the electronic game board takes our selfie (unexpected, you get a second chance if the photo is not to your approval), and a video instructional is provided on the screen above the dart board. The oche offers three options of distance: ‘rookie’ (closest, for the novice) ‘regular’ or ‘pro’. After the completion of the game, the screen not only captures the winning shot in video replay, but also offers the option for a group video or photo to celebrate the victory and moment.

Once we have finished our darts game we transition to a high seated table in the adjoining room. Staff explain that most people stay for between 1-1.5 hours in their oche, available for walk-ins or booking online (bookings are recommended, particularly for weekends). On finishing their dart game, patrons are welcome to find an alternative space to continue to delight in the vibe, food, and ample bar menu.

We begin our tasting with a Salted Caramel Espresso Martini, created with spiced rum, cold brew, fresh coffee and salted caramel. Our tall glass is anointed with the image of the carousel horse that watches over the main bar. With a rich caramel undertone complimentary to the coffee and sweetness balanced to the hint of salinity, this is the type of drink that makes you want to swing into your weekend with style, preferably with a dart in your hand.

Flight Club presents a range of food options with an emphasis on sharing. This includes smaller ‘mix and share plates’, individual meals, pizza boards, and larger share platters designed to be had in company, and with a ‘drink, eat and play’, or ‘sip and bite’ approach that means you can eat with a hand free between attempts at the dart board. In addition to the theme of stand and socialise, the menu offers vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options to appeal to a range of dietary needs and preferences.

We are offered the Malaysian Satay Skewers – grilled chicken tenderloins marinated and presented on a generous helping of peanut sauce, sprinkled with roasted peanuts, fried shallots and toasted coconut. The chicken is tender, marinated lightly in complement to the robust peanut flavour in the sauce, finished with a slight zing of citrus and a gentle sweetness.

Our second dish is the Crispy Portobello Mushroom Bites (vegetarian and gluten-free). Tender morsels of mushroom coated in a light and crispy batter maintain crunch even after some time on the plate. The bites are accompanied by a gently spiced aioli, with chipotle offering a hint of heat.

Our second cocktail, an innovative take on the classic, the Applewood Smoked Negroni arrives in a beacon with generous smoke billowing over the top. The citrus and bitterness from the Campari are carried by the wooded smokiness, poured over ice to serve.

We move onto the Sticky Pork Belly Bites resting on a bed of slaw. The bites have a delicate sweetness that is not as intensive as you may expect, with an Asian flair carried by the sesame seeds and spring onions. The pork has a delicate crunch on the outside, tender to bite and morish.

Next, we trial the Flight Club Pizza with Italian sausage and truffle cream. This is a generous serve that would be happily shared by a group, though recommended for two. The pizza has a shallow base, well crisped. The richness from the truffle and earthiness from the mushroom, sprinkles of thyme and the salinity from cheese offer a full-bodied mouth satisfaction.

The Spiced Cauliflower Wings celebrate the simplicity of the dish, well-seasoned and lightly battered offering textural appeal, and a Siracha BBQ sauce for dipping.

The Meat Platter provides a range of tasting options from the small plate’s menu – pork belly bites, satay skewers, as well as smoked chorizo, popcorn chicken (juicy and complimentary to the aioli dip), arancini balls with an oozy green cheese centre, chicken tortillas and a generous serving of fries. This represents great value for money, best in company and with the opportunity to test and trial from the comprehensive menu.

We finish with a Triumphant Trophy cocktail, large and juicy with a sweet citrus tang reminiscent of sherbet. This is recommended as the prize for the winner of a social dart game and is served in a mega-sized trophy vessel, with multiple straws for sharing, or tackled solo if feeling bold to do so, and with winner’s privileges.
I was wooed by the visual appeal and niche entertainment value of Flight Club Fremantle from the moment I walked in the door. With a well-considered diverse food and drinks menu, and the option to play and enjoy with friends in an enchanting environment, make sure to drop by for a beverage and meal, and book your oche for your next social occasion.

By Danica Scott



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