Parents urged to stay vigilant this Easter

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It’s that time of the year where children get to eat their weight in chocolate, and dentists prepare to dish out fillings left, right and centre. Yes it is Easter, and this year Australian parents are being asked to support the tooth fairy and keep aware of the dental risks of the festive weekend.
Bupa Australia have released the results of a survey conducted on 1000 Australian parents. Out if the 1000, 80% said that they were going to give their children chocolate, and that most were aware of the risks imposed by the holiday.
“Interestingly, the survey found that 40% of children under 18 have had at least one filling, with more than three-quarters of these children having their first filling before 10 years of age. Additionally, most children (64%) consume all their chocolate and Easter treats within a week of receiving them,” said practicing  Bupa GP, Dr Bert Boffa.
Dr Boffa recommends parents encourage their children to spread out their chocolate consumption; instilling in them that chocolate and other confectionary are treats to be consumed occasionally.
“Encouragingly, our survey found that most parents (68%) identified children brushing their teeth twice a day for two to three minutes as the most important thing they can do to protect their teeth,” Dr Boffa said.
Bupa also gave ten tips to keep your kids teeth safe this Easter:
Top 10 tips to help your children’s teeth survive Easter
1. Make sure they brush their teeth at least twice a day for two-three minutes
2. Avoid chocolate treats containing nuts which can get stuck in the gaps between teeth
3. Avoid giving them hard-centred confectionary or chocolates
4. If they already have fillings, avoid toffee or other types of nougat which may pull the fillings from their teeth
5. Don’t let them eat chocolate just before bed time
6. Make sure they drink plenty of tap water which contains fluoride, rather than bottled water
7. If confectionary is stuck in their teeth make sure they brush to remove it as soon as possible rather than wait until bedtime
8. Chewing toothpaste on a piece of foam before brushing helps to force paste into the grooves of teeth. Flossing for children who are older than two and a half years is also advisable
9. Limit the amount of chocolate and other confectionary they eat. The Easter Bunny takes all care to provide great Easter eggs but no responsibility for tooth decay
10. Book in a regular check up at the dentist – every six months for kids is advisable


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