Maggie Beer – Australian Pears Ambassador

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Maggie Beer has joined Australian Pears, the industry body for Australian pear growers, as its ambassador. In Australia, 130,000 tonnes of pears are grown annually, including eight varieties. Varieties available in Winter are: Packham’s Triumph, Beurre Bosc, Winter Nelis, Corella, Josephine and Red Anjou.
Pears are a healthy ingredient, rich in fibre, which can help lower cholesterol. According to the Glycemic Index, pears are low GI (41*) to offer longer-lasting energy. For inspiring recipes and information about pears, visit the Australian Pears website at or the Facebook page at
Selection, handling and storage:
– To check if a pear is ripe, simply check the neck. When ready to eat, the flesh around the neck will give when pressed gently
– Pears soften best naturally in the fruit bowl. To speed the ripening process, place the pears in a brown paper bag with a banana – the natural gases the banana emits will hasten the ripening of the pear
– When pears are ripe, store in the fridge to keep them fresh
– If pears become extra soft, simply pop them into a soup or smoothie for added richness

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