Kids and Restaurants

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image10 Restaurants with Kids Play Areas in Perth
If you’ve got kids who are at that age where sitting at a table in a restaurant for more than the time it takes to eat a plate of nuggets and chips (or throw it on the floor), then you probably haven’t been out for dinner (not counting Maccas) for quite a while.
Kids Eat Free
Nothing screams families come and eat here more than the offer of “Kids Eat Free”. The cost of heading out for a family meal can be enough to put the best of us off going out!
So no more worrying about whether or not your child eats that meal you just paid a small fortune for, these places offer a “Kids Eat Free” option.
* Most places will have conditions attached to the Kids Eat Free offer and they can be subject to change, so be sure to check the website or ring ahead for clarification before you head out, to save disappointment!
Note details correct at time of publishing – and are subject to change without notification. Please check with the venue to check details before arriving.


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