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Some Juicy News

It’s always interesting when a chef makes a change and steers the ship in a different direction, and that is where this story begins.

New catering company Júsea Catering & Events had planned to cater for any need when we first spoke to them, but since then, they have decided to go in a different direction and only offer vegan and vegetarian options. Hats off to them I say, as there is a demand for sure.

On the day we came in to take pictures and try their food they were not ready for us, and were light on produce as they were only just beginning to make the change.

Thrown in at the deep end and accepting our challenge, owners Dannie and Courtney Brogan managed to come up with a few of their plant-based dishes for us to try, and I must admit, even though we had put them on the spot they certainly came up with the goods. It aptly demonstrated how they are capable of thinking outside the square and coping with the curve ball that life sometimes dishes out with a smile, and a can-do attitude.

First off, they brought out a dish that looked like crumbed calamari but was actually rings and strips of mushroom, crumbed and deep fried, and served on a tasty chilli mango chutney glaze. The texture was perfect and if you didn’t know otherwise, you would definitely have taken it to be squid.

Next we were presented with a tasting board comprised of wild mushroom bruschetta with truffles, an Indian-inspired potato rosti with basil pesto and crispy kale chips, a zucchini basket topped with salsa and TVP (textured vegetable protein that looks and tastes like mince), and a faux chicken slider which would have fooled most people into believing it was actually chicken. The bruschetta was very tasty with a mix of different mushrooms on a square of toasted thick-cut bread. The mild curry flavoured potato rosti was delicious, and the crunch of the kale chips added a nice touch. The zucchini basket was interesting and my dining companion said it was his favourite. The slider was a brioche bun containing a slice of what looked and tasted like chicken but was actually made from soy protein, slathered with a tasty sate sauce.

For Dannie and Courney Brogan, Júsea is about celebrating our Western Australian coastal climate and providing food that is fresh, juicy and delicious. And while they have been vegetarian themselves for quite a few years, it is only a recent decision of theirs to specialise in plant-based, vegan and vegetarian cuisine. It must be difficult to have to cook meat-based dishes when you are a vegetarian, so I can understand the reasoning behind the change.

The increasing popularity of plant-based food means there is a niche that they can fill to showcase their experience and expertise in producing interesting and flavoursome dishes that will satisfy all tastes.

Júsea do a lot of corporate catering and private functions, but Dannie and Courtney would also like to have a small hole-in-the-wall outlet, preferably near the beach, where they can serve fresh juices and tasty snacks.

By Georgina Goss


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