Julio’s Italian Restaurant

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Julio’s Italian Restaurant
Holiday Inn West Perth
1309 Hay Street, West Perth
Ph: (08) 6500 9111

Food from the heart

There is something about Italian food that speaks to the soul. A celebration of quality ingredients, the simplicity of flavours in balance and created with love. Julio’s Italian Restaurant is located in West Perth, on the outskirts of Subiaco and easy distance from the city. The interior has rustic appeal, with high ceilings, exposed brick walls and fireplaces. A generous on-street alfresco area has multi-season appeal, particularly with wait staff so attentive to both our comfort needs and potential for incoming rains. There is a dynamic energy of business and cultural vibe. I would be comfortable here on a date, a meeting, or with my family of the eve.

We commenced our meal with the Prosciutto Bruschetta accompanied by the 2019 Batonnage Chardonnay. The bruschetta offered rich, decadent, textural simplicity. Grilled ciabatta, smooth ricotta with hints of truffle, delicate sundried tomato bites balanced out by the salinity in the shaved prosciutto. The Chardonnay had a buttery finish, was easy drinking and a welcome accompaniment to the starter.

Our next plate was the Carpaccio Di Bresaola. This minimalist dish highlights the quality of ingredients and its preparation. Finely sliced smoky bresaola is fanned across the plate, appealing to the eye and asking to be eaten. Folded to the fork with the capers and a squeeze of lemon, adorned with morsels of salt and shaved parmesan, there is a satisfying depth of flavour to every bite. We enjoyed the Carpaccio Di Bresaola with a glass of 2020 Barbera D’Alba Tenutu Carretta. This red is a great match, fragrant and elegant.

The Pasta Nera arrived at our table next, generous in size, the darkness of the pasta offering an appealing visual contrast to the plate. The freshly made squid ink linguine is firm to the bite, as with the king prawns cooked ideally, just enough and tender to taste. This is celebrated by the sweetness of roasted fennel and gentle heat from the fresh chilli, complimented by a hint of white wine and acidity from the roasted cherry tomatoes in the sauce.

Our next dish is the signature dish for Julio’s, the Spaghettini Al Granchio. This dish uses angel hair pasta creating a base for a sweet and indulgently delicious sauce, using crab meat, tomato passata, garlic, parsley, chilli, white wine, and a citrus zest of a lemon pangrattato. The meal is moist and delicate, with sweet notes and a deep, carrying seafood flavour. The capers offer a burst of salt and the acidity of the tomatoes balance the sweetness. The lemon zest finishes the meal. The accompanying organic white wine, 2020 Coffele Castel Cerino Soave Classico is light and offers easy drinking. This is a palate cleanser, allowing me to return again and again to the richness and depth of flavour on my plate.

We finish our meal with a slice of Tiramisu. The creamy mascarpone had just the right amount of booze and genuine espresso coffee permeated through the sponge base. In my conversation with Chef Gonzalo Calderon, he shares that he views cooking as a transfer of energy, from his heart to the customer. Gonzalo imagines that instead of preparing a meal for a stranger, he is creating and cooking for his family. He strives to create a team environment that nurtures the same philosophy and mission, “to cook with love”. With ambient appeal, considered and attentive staff and delicious food made with absolute intention, I would highly recommend Julio’s Italian Restaurant.

By Danica Scott


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