8 On The Point

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8 On the Point
306 Riverside Drive, East Perth
Ph: (08) 9221 2288

Cantonese elegance

Nestled on the banks of the Swan River in East Perth, 8 On The Point isn’t like the quintessential neighbourhood Chinese restaurant that we all love. Along with million-dollar views, the décor exudes style and elegance, while live mud crabs, lobsters and fish in tanks tell you that your palate may be in for something special.

With 40 years in the industry, well-credentialled Owner and Restaurateur Tim Lung explains that it’s staying true to the ethos of Cantonese cuisine that sets the multi-award-winning restaurant apart. With a focus on freshness, where possible, ingredients are sourced locally with live lobsters, barramundi and silver perch from Western Australia, and mud crabs from Northern Australia. The spices used enhance, rather than overpower a dish. Boasting a 30-year career within the vibrant UK Hotel restaurant food scene and more recently the Kingdom of Brunei, Executive Chef Kai Wong and his team have created a menu that draws comparisons with the better restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau.

The first dish we tried was Steamed half shell local scallops with vermicelli. The presentation was fantastic and you could tell the scallops were steamed to perfection, as they were just bordering on being translucent. Plump and fresh, they melted on your tongue and the light soy sauce broth in which they were steamed provided a mild level of saltiness reminiscent of the ocean. The dish was accompanied with spring onion, chilli and strawberry slivers to cleanse the palate.

Our second dish was Braised seafood and vegetables cooked in the chef’s signature clear broth. Once again, the prawns and squid were cooked to perfection. The carrot, baby corn and snow peas were crisp and retained their vibrant colours. The broth, while subtle was complex and delicious.

Our next dish was the house specialty, Peking Duck Pancakes with julienned cucumber, spring onion and chilli, and a blend of plum and hoisin dipping sauce. The twice-cooked style of steaming and roasting the duck provides succulent slices of meat and a crispy spiced skin. While the balance between the strong flavours of the meat and the clean, crunchy vegetables are brought together with a silky light steamed pancake, and the sweet smokiness of the dipping sauce.

We were then served Deep Fried Oyster in Tempura Style (half dozen) which was complimented with a red pepper mayonnaise, fresh red chillies, and pea sprouts. The tempura batter was light and crispy allowing the plump fresh oysters to retain their subtle ocean flavour and mineral notes that oyster lovers enjoy.

We finished our tasting with Braised Asparagus topped with crispy fried garlic in a delicate garlic sauce. The asparagus was perfectly cooked retaining its crispness and vibrant green colour. The sweet, earthy flavours were offset by savoury garlic accents.

To complement our dishes, we chose the Cape Mentelle Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2020 from the extensive wine list comprised of local and international wines. This herbaceous wine with juicy citrus notes and delicate mineral elegance was an outstanding accompaniment to the fresh seafood on offer.

8 On The Point is a great choice for business dining, family or friend get-togethers, weddings and functions.

Apart from a-la-carte, dim sum and banquet options are also available. Whatever the occasion let 8 On The Point take your senses to another level.

By Chris O’Halloran


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