Fat Boyz Small Bar

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1303 Hay Street, West Perth
Ph: (08) 9226 4666

Soul Food & Good Vibes in West Perth

Fat Boyz Small Bar has a unique aesthetic. Alfresco seating on the sidewalk, booths for dining and a graffiti adorned bar, feels more inspired by Sydney and Melbourne than downtown West Perth. The team have reformed and reshaped the identity of the business in recent years from a tapas bar to a more relaxed atmosphere, serving fantastic burgers and small eats, a licenced bar serving beers on tap and cocktails. There is a grungy and honest feel about the place with music videos playing and warm greetings from the staff as patrons enter for lunch or just a cold drink. Venue manager Bekka tells me that they have regular customers returning multiple times a week. The intention being to provide a quick and efficient meal service with old-school hospitality. That focus on good, simple food and a familiarity from the staff that makes you feel valued, without the waiting times of alternative venues in the area.

We start with the Double Royal, a classic burger standing high enough on the plate that I take a moment to question how I am going to get my mouth around it. A fresh bun, juicy and flavourful double patties, onion and pickle, crispy bacon, gooey American cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and Fat Boyz burger sauce. All ingredients are made by the team onsite, including mincing the meat for the patties and handcrafting the sauce. This is a satisfying feed, filling, generous and full of flavour. The burger holds steady, despite the towering height. Owner Jimmy Durrant explains that Fat Boyz have become popular as a Tinder date location and while I’m contemplating how to go about looking attractive while tackling a burger of this proportion, I was pleasantly surprised by the integrity and manageability of the experience.

Next up was a Korean Fried Chicken Burger. A double serve of tender buttermilk fried chicken, an Asian inspired coleslaw with spring onions and kimchi (made on site), finished with a samjang Korean barbeque sauce. This burger offers an oriental zing with a multi-dimensional flavour combination, using quality ingredients and made with care. Our burger is served with a Fruit Tingle cocktail anointed by a cloud of fairy floss; vibrant blue, sweet, fun and a little naughty. The bar is popular on a Friday night with a post-work crowd looking to unwind for the weekend.

The next two dishes were small eats, a lighter alternative to the burgers. Grilled Chicken Tacos with corn tortillas, tomato salsa, coriander with a subtle jalapeno bite. A generous mouth full of flavour, easy and quick to eat, this is a fresh and healthy option. Our final dish is a Creole Popcorn Chicken served with creole spiced aioli. Well-seasoned and tangy, the popcorn chicken is complimented by a lemon margarita, gently sweet and zesty with a familiar tequila hit.

Owner Jimmy Durant and Venue Manager Bekka Smith aim to provide an experience that feels comfortable, relaxing and accessible, enticing you to make Fat Boyz your ‘local’. There is a sense of pride, an honest humility, and a realness with no pretention here, with a commitment to quality service. This is soul food. This is a place where the staff care about each other and about the people they serve. For an authentic, satisfying and delicious eating experience, I highly recommend Fat Boyz Small Bar.

By Danica Scott


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