D's Authentic Japanese

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13/1 Glenelg Place, ConnollyTempuraH
Ph: (08) 6209 9169
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A little shopping centre just off Country Club Boulevard in Connolly is the new location of D’s Authentic Japanese (formerly in Joondalup). It’s quite a surprise to find such a high quality Japanese restaurant out in suburbia. Their previous premises (which we reviewed in Issue 20) were very small, seating only 16 diners at one time, and prompted the move to larger premises in May 2017. The new venue can seat up to 60 people, with bamboo screens dividing the room to maintain an intimate atmosphere.
VegiesVHead chef Koji Harada showed us to our seats before bringing out a succession of delightful dishes for us to enjoy. We started with Mushi Yasai – steamed autumn vegetables in a daidai citrus dressing. Despite its name, it wasn’t mushy at all. A crescent-shaped arrangement of lightly steamed vegetables, including broccoli, broccolini, cauliflower, snake bean, purple broccoli, purple carrot, snow pea, slices of radish, beetroot, zucchini and a few flower petals, made a dish that was so pretty it almost seemed a shame to eat it. It was delicious – the vegetables were really fresh and  tender but with a hint of crunch, and the mildly tangy dressing set them off perfectly.
Next came the specialty of the house – Sashimi – delicate slices of South Australian kingfish, Tasmanian salmon, yellowfin tuna, imperador and blue cod served with wasabi and soy sauce for dipping. Again the dish was a visual feast, served on a platter garnished with pebbles, edible seaweed, and a spray of gum leaves.
D’s Roasted Duck with crispy skin, quinoa, yuba and autumn vegetables is Koji’s own creation and influenced by Osaka in Japan, where he grew up. Regular customers often request this dish, and my dining partner particularly enjoyed the rare slices of duck served with asparagus, carrot, onion and crispy quinoa and yuba (tofu skin).
Our final dish was a very enjoyable plate of Tempura seafood and vegetables – succulent prawns, lotus slices, mushroom and broccoli coated in crisp tempura batter, and served with a dish of light soy dipping sauce.
After our meal, we chatted with Koji and chef Takehiro Eda, who told us that they are open every day for dinner except SushiHWednesdays, and also lunch from Friday to Sunday. They close the restaurant on Wednesdays to give themselves an opportunity to visit other restaurants.
D’s Authentic Japanese – the name says it all – is authentic Japanese food, with all the cultural trimmings associated with Japan: polite service, fresh, fresh, fresh seafood and vegetables, and meticulous attention to detail in the presentation of every dish. The venue is great for business meetings, family and casual dining and functions, and the quality of the food and service is definitely up to fine dining standards. Although it is currently BYO, they have applied for a liquor license and hope to have that soon. They also occasionally put on live jazz music.
By Georgina Goss
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