Decadent C’s

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25 Husband Rd, BARRAGUP
Ph: (08) 9583 5571
Seventh Heaven

I think I’m in seventh heaven! Light beams filter down the walls of this tall spacious room, painted horses dance above on the soaring ceiling and life-size toy soldiers guard the entrance. Beautiful art deco lights twine to meet me, and there are rows of cabinets filled with delightful, entrancing cakes, chocolates and pastries.
I look out at a large green lawn and playground, tables and chairs dotted about under shady trees. I am at Decadent C’s. (C for Chocolate, Cake, Coffee.)
A smiling, youthful Natarlie Woodman greets us, and every word she utters drips with passion for her treats. She and her parents purpose-built this café and outlet inspired by French architecture.
Natarlie has long held a love for cakes and chocolates, and trained at the Savour Chocolate and Patisserie Cooking School in Melbourne. Her ingredients are the best quality and she has sought fresh local produce, including free range, organic and biodynamic.
All the breads, short pastries, cakes, macarons and chocolates (French and Belgian) are made in-house. There is a window to watch the mesmerising chocolate making and decorating.
Natarlie wanted to create a family environment – “something for everyone”. They have been open just eighteen months, and from the constant flow of customers, they must be popular.
We begin with the Silverbeet and Goat’s Cheese Tart, served in a wide ramekin with a salad. This is superb short pastry, with a firm light and creamy custard and a good balance of silverbeet, goat’s cheese and cherry tomatoes. The salad is “very, very, very fresh” my partner comments, with a smidgen of mildly sweet dressing.
The Portobello Mushroom Square is an attractive square of puff pastry with a large mushroom on top, glistening with balsamic glaze. The combination of prosciutto, mushroom and a hint of balsamic is delectable, served with a crunchy salad on a long white platter.
Day and Night Mousse Cake looks as spectacular as it tastes. Feather-light white chocolate mousse sitting on a thin layer of chocolate cake, then dark chocolate mousse supported by a crunchy chocolate pastry. This is why the place is called decadent! Each layer tastes divine, so rich and succulent.
Red Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting: this is one of the best cakes I have ever tasted. The frosting is fluffy and creamy with araspberry lolly on top (which I snaffle) and the cake is so moist, dark and full of chocolatey, raspberry flavour I practically eat the patty pan! It has to be the superb ingredients and, of course, the cook.
My partner enjoys the Di Bella coffee very much and my hot chocolate is made in heaven by a molten chocolate-wielding angel. My glass is smothered in melted chocolate and the milk is lush and frothy. Both are served with scrumptious chocolate buttons.
As I glide out the door on a cloud I purchase more cake and chocolates to take home, my favs being Mirage – so smooth, Fresh Mint Dome- tastes like real mint in buttery white chocolate and Tempteous Ganache – such rich dark lightness and a delicate coloured embellishment on top.
Decadent C’s caters for corporate and family occasions, makes custom cakes, offers high tea and hosts functions. There is the option to sit indoors or outdoors, with the outdoor area including a fantastic playground for the kids and a huge grass area.
I highly recommend this wonderful café as a place to sit and enjoy high quality food and coffee, and take away some delights for later.
By Frances Myshell
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