Brass Grill Chargrill Restaurant

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Upstairs,  209 William St, Northbridge
Phone: (08) 9227 9596

The 5 Star BBQ

If you want a hearty meal, with the finest quality meat and seafood in a trendy yet sophisticated environment, welcome to TheBrass Grill . Located upstairs in the legendary Brass Monkey hotel, The Brass Grill is one of Perth ‘s best char grill restaurants.
Leave the rowdy beer drinkers behind as you ascend the grand, winding staircase of the 110-year-old building. The noise of the pub suddenly drops away, and you enter the realms of The Brass Grill, which has an almost quaint English feel.
The first thing that struck me was how big the upstairs space really is. There are a number of large rooms, which are perfect for functions, plus a wide balcony which stretches the entire front and side of the building, and includes both a dining and lounge area.
As you sit on the balcony, you get a great rooftop view of Northbridge, and your attention is drawn to the tops of the buildings, many of which still have their original facades dating back to the late 1800s.
With the fireplaces and soft lighting, The Brass Grill is a far cry from the stereotypical American-style grill bars. And the food is different too. I often waddle out feeling fatigued, bloated and sick when I go to a bar and grill. Thanks to the superb quality beef, delicate flavouring and refreshing seafood, there’s none of this at The Brass Grill.
Steve Protti has been the head chef here for five years and told me their most popular dish is the Brass Grill signature dish, so Scott and I were treated to one.

Just one look of the signature dish and you’re impressed. It’s served on a huge, triangular plate, with three different meats occupying each corner. With Tender Ridge beef and Timber Hill pork fillets wrapped in bacon, and Mt. Barker chicken breast wrapped in prosciutto, this is a great dish for the meat lover who doesn’t feel like a full-on steak. It is flavoured with three different sauces and topped off with the best hand made potato wedges I’ve ever had. Steve told me they have a special way of preparing and cooking the western potatoes that makes them so flavourful and soft.
The signature plate is full of flavour, especially with the different meats, but it’s not overpowering. With a full-bodied red, the taste of the meat is magnified and made even richer. We found the Water Shed 2003 Shiraz the perfect wine to complement the flavour of the meat.
Steve also cooked us his other specialty – the Bay and Beef.

This is comprised of a Tender Ridge Sirloin, seafood brochette loaded with prawns, scallops and again those fantastic potato wedges. This was my favourite dish, and for me, it signified everything that the so-called “surf and turf” should be – the beef is perfectly tender and the seafood is a refreshing alternative.
As a side dish, or entrée, a great choice is the Prawn and Parma Ham Salad, which is light and has a slight citrus flavouring. This went wonderfully with the 2006 Howard Park Riesling, which really brought out the delicate flavouring. The Riesling was also great with the seafood in the bay and beef, and I could imagine enjoying it on a balmy summer night.
The Brass Grill also does fabulous home made desserts, which vary from day to day. We were blown away by the Tiramisu and Strawberry cheesecake, which was Scott’s favourite, so I got about half a spoonfull! These desserts would be irresistible to anyone with a sweet tooth.
If you aren’t a big meat eater, don’t despair, The Brass Grill offers some tasty vegetarian dishes, one being a magical vegetarian lasagne.

The Brass Grill is one of those places that you could take your grandparents to, have a romantic dinner, catch up with mates or hold a function, be it business or pleasure. The staff will cater for your every need, and the atmosphere is buzzing yet relaxing. All you need to do is order a nice bottle of wine, sit out on the balcony above Northbridge’s’s busy William and James Street intersection, and peruse the menu. Now don’t try and tell me that’s not tempting.
by Tiffany Wertheimer


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