Borneo Day 3

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Today has been a simpler day with a 9.15am start before boarding the steam train at North Borneo Railway Station.
In 1903 the British built a railway line and in 1914 a steam train started to transport British soldiers through Borneo.
Today tourists can journey on the train for fun to experience what it was like back then. The locals wear the traditional clothing worn by the British in 1914 and the food served is also the same.
We started with a traditional lemonade before being served a selection of pastries with tea and coffee.
We then began our journey through small towns such as Tanjung Aru, Putan, Kinarut, Kawang, and Papar where we had a chance to do some shopping.
Lunch was then served. A traditional set Tiffan lunch served in tins from the war. The food was prepared by Sutera Harbour hotel. And was one of the better meals we have had so far. Chicken satay, fried spiced mackerel fillet, cucumber & pineapple salad, mixed vegetables with prawns, chicken biryani rice fruits and coffee & tea.
I think this was something I would not have usually done but I am glad we did. Something I would recommend if you are to ever visit Borneo.
I am going to get fat on this trip. 2 breakfasts and we are on the way to our 2nd lunch at Kak Nong Restaurant.
We started with ABC. ABC is Air Batu Campur which means shaved ice mixed with jellies and beans in a flavoured syrup and topped with ice cream. It was pleasantly refreshing in this humid head. This the most popular Malay restaurant in Borneo. After this believe it or not but they bought out 2 satay dished. 1 mild and the other very hot. Rojak Mee Chicken in noodles and the other was Gado Gado with noodles, compressed rice and prawn crackers.
I really wish I was not so full because the food here was amazing.
Now I will need to spend the next few hours uploading a picture. The internet is terrible here. It is killing me. Started this post at 9am. Lets see when it is done.
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