Borneo Day 2

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Shopping for a cooking class was very interesting to see all the different cooking ingredients. Some I have seen before and others I have never seen. Coconut is huge here and the locals have several hundred uses for them from using its oil, as a drink, in cooking and so much more.
I went into the fish markets also. My tour guide was worried that I may not deal with the smell but it was fine. Was a great education identifying so may varieties. Many I had only seen in books and some I had miss identified before such as barracuda and giant garfish. They had fugu but they wanted me to sign a form if I was to eat it.
We eventually made it to our cooking class held at the d’Soka Restaurant in Saba. Known as Hajah Halimah traditional cooking experience and guided by Mrs Halimah Osman. We made 2 different dishes but the chicken Liku was the best of them. They say that the quality of beef here is poor but what Halimah did was lovely. Boiled in water for 1 hour and then marinated in black bean sauce before frying. Was very chewy but in a good way.
We drove for 2 more hours to Garama where the famous Proboscis Monkey lives. We had to go by boat for an extra 2 hours. Along the way we also saw Silver Leaf monkeys, Long Tail Macaque monkeys, Fire flies, crocodiles, bats, Water Buffalo and some species of birds. We did not get back until late so we had dinner at the port.
Tomorrow we go on a train ride so will keep you posted.
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