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Due to our current economic circumstances, Diners need to be a little more savvy when it comes to eating out, however there is a new website out that allows its members to save 30% on their total bill. is a nation-wide website that’s been created to attract consumers to experience some of the nation’s premium restaurants at off-peak times. The exclusive deal is valid on all bookings made through the site for an up-front $8 booking fee, and there are no restrictions placed on menu choice!
The savings you can make on a 5 star meal are pretty impressive: an $8 dollar booking fee will reduce a $400 bill by $120!
Ben Johnson, Director of the initiative, says: “In the current climate, there is still demand for top-quality culinary experiences, but consumers are being more savvy with their restaurant spend. offers discerning yet flexible consumers the opportunity to take advantage of off-peak times to get significantly more value out of top-end dining.”
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