Bistro 38

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Joondalup Resort
Country Club Boulevard, Connolly
Ph: (08) 9400 8888
A Quiet Little Oasis

JUST a few minutes off the freeway and it seemed like the buzz of the city was far- gone and I found myself in a quiet little oasis. Sweeping lawns, water features and a little bit of nostalgia made me feel very much at home and at ease at Joondalup Resort.
I made my way down the palatial stairs and my guest and I sat out on the patio enjoying the last rays of the late summer sun and really slipping in to the relaxed atmosphere.
Chef Philip Waldron’s menu is designed for sharing. He brings influences from his varied career to the table, and for me, he brings a bit of the old school style too, which I actually appreciate. For me it’s so refreshing to get a good plate of honest food and not have to tackle your way through a combobulation of foams, crumbs and gels on your plate.
Our first selection of dishes to share started with the Soft Shell Crab, Wakame and Wasabi Mayonnaise, which was just gorgeous, in fact probably the best soft shell crab I have ever had. Super crispy yet juicy inside, I could have eaten a whole plate with a pint of beer and been happy as Larry.
Next was the Duck and Chicken Liver Parfait with Brioche and a Fig and Fennel Relish, its texture silky smooth and moreish. And I really love parfait with Brioche; it just makes it feel even more naughty, the light, crisp, butteryness of the toast and the generous portion of fig jam too, a really great way to start the meal.
Our final small plate share was Char Grilled Asparagus, Goats Curd, Vinocotto and Garlic Migas – the Migas is basically a fried garlicky breadcrumb so the dish had a real mix of textures and flavours.
Now for our main courses: we had the Ricotta Gnocchi, Wild Mushrooms, Chestnuts and Parmesan, which was a pretty rich, filling dish, definitely a good one for a cold winters day and a glass of red. The gnocchi had been boiled then fried and the dish had a real buttery nutty flavour throughout.
Then we went for the Lamb Cutlets, Grilled Witlof, Radicchio and Lemon – a sharing platter again. The Lamb was very tasty and the grilled leaves gave a slightly bitter undertone to the dish, and we were served the hand-cut chips with Béarnaise sauce as a side and these were pretty good super thick cut, salty, crispy, a real proper chip in my books.
For dessert out came a Panna Cotta with Rhubarb and Biscotti. The Panna Cotta was flavoured with fresh ginger and the presentation was delightful, with little dried flowers scattered over the top and set on a slate, really eye catching, and even though I was pretty full, I wolfed the whole thing down.
We squeezed in the cheese, which was a Baked Epoisse with Roasted Plums and Pears. Quite a strong cheese for those who haven’t tried it before, but chef puts it in the oven so it is served all gooey and with plenty of crackers. I would recommend sharing with at least two other people.
You don’t need to be a member to dine at Bistro 38, it’s open every day and has a lovely relaxing feel. The prices are very good and the service is excellent. Oh, and the coffee, amazing. They also have several function rooms, including the poolside Marquee, ideal for a smaller wedding, and the new function room where they can cater for 900 standing up, with views over the lakes and golf course.

By Chef Sophie Budd
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