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Stewart Dasydney wedding photographers parramatta best sydney wedding locations northern beaches western suburbswes speaks to Sydney Wedding Photographer Ronny Hendriks from RH-Photography about why bridal couples should take care in which photographer they chose for their wedding …
What do you think are the most essential questions couples should ask their photographer?

Well the most obvious one would be: are they available on your wedding date.
Will they be the actual person shooting on the day? I have heard many clients complain about visiting other wedding photography companies and then finding out that they won’t meet their photographer until their wedding day. Personally I think it’s essential to have a trusting relationship with your photographer. At the end of the day, the photographer is the one you will be spending most of your time with and if you have one that makes you nervous or you don’t understand his instructions, it will show in your wedding photos.
When you receive the disk of photos, are these photos:
– high resolution (meaning you will be able to print any size photo yourself)?
– are all photos fully edited and touched up  (to get rid of any spot breakouts on the day) or do you have to pay extra to have this done?
– will your photos be free of logos?
I recently had a client come to me who had a wedding in another state and was so upset with the end result. The bridal couple went to the photographers studio where there were beautiful wedding albums lying around and she assumed she would get one just like that, as they had picked the top wedding package.
They also thought they were asking the right questions, will the photos be high resolution?  What they didn’t realise they also needed to ask is whether the photos would also be edited and touched up.
After the wedding, when they went to collect their disk and albums, they were very disappointed.  They were given four albums with all their photos inserted in a plastic photo sleeve – just like the ones you would buy in Kmart or Target!  When they looked through the photos, none of the photos had been touched up or edited – there were flies on their clothes (because the wedding day was very hot) and the sky was white (even though on the day it was blue).

Here’s the “Before” shot – would you believe it was a lovely sunny day? Note the flies on the groom’s suit.
raw wedding photos how to fix up bad wedding photography
And here’s the “After” shot which I fixed up to my usual delivery standard. I didn’t have the original “raw” file to bring out the true colour, but I did the best I could with jpegs. Still a huge difference, more warmer and vibrant.
best sydney wedding photography photographer photos locations
To find out more about RH-Photography click on the link www.rh-photography.com.au or for more specific services such as family portraits or baby photography, here’s extra links to Ronny’s pages:
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