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15220121_1487618217922089_5819706857967501814_nJesters Pies is giving you the chance to be a SUPIESTAR by creating the next pie flavour to be sold in-store from March 2017.
The prize is a piece of the pie profits. The more Jesters’ sells, the more you win.
The competition started on Monday 28th November and runs for six weeks. Five finalists will be selected and the public will get to choose the winning entry, which will be made into a famous Jester’s pie.
To celebrate Christmas you might opt for a turkey and cranberry pie, or a roast pork and applesauce pie. New Year’s Eve might inspire a seafood and champagne pie or Australia Day a lamb and rosemary pie.
For those with a Jester’s sense of humour let these options get your creative juices flowing:
• The Trump – 100% beef because everyone seems to have a beef with Donald
• The Bachelorette – Plenty of beef and quite cheesy
• The Kanye – This one has lots of different ingredients packed into it because, let’s face it, Kanye is full of it
• Kim Kardashian – the sauce for the Kanye
• The Slam Dunk Steph – a curry pie of course
So, if you like the idea of being swarmed by the pie-parazzi and putting your face and name on your very own Jesters pie, you’ll find all you need to know online at


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