AHA (WA) Applauds Opposition Promise to Extend Sunday Trading

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The Australian Hotels Association (WA) has welcomed WA Opposition Leader, Mark McGowan’s, support to allow bars and hotels to trade to 12 midnight on Sunday nights. Australian Hotels Association (WA) CEO, Mr Bradley Woods, said “This is a common sense measure that the WA hospitality and tourism industry needs to be competitive with other Australian states. “This isn’t the 1950s, we’re not all tucked up in bed by 10pm and many people work hours outside of Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. WA’s hotel and small bar sector has been revitalised over the past 5 years and trading times need to reflect that. “This is only one example of how, overall, the review has missed the opportunity to modernise WA’s liquor licensing system. “People visiting WA expect a certain standard of our food and beverage venues including being able to access them past 10pm. It is a reasonable expectation that tourists be able to visit our world class venues and enjoy WA hospitality until 12 midnight on a Sunday. “The AHA(WA) looks forward to consultation with government and the opposition throughout the review process and achieving balanced and practical measures for the industry and its patrons,” Mr Woods concluded.


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