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The latest free app to hit the people of Perth, allows you to keep in sync with the best fashion, retail, lifestyle and nightlife. ACCESSVIP is able to connect the community with the local businesses of Perth.
“ACCESSVIP is the first app of its kind in Perth,” said Matthew Spartalis, the creator of ACCESSVIP. “This app provides an affordable way for businesses to connect with consumers when they are at home contemplating their next move, or when they’re out and about determining where to go and what to do. It allows real time communication with the public and assists businesses to plant up-to-date information in the palm of their target market’s hands.  It’s a win/win for businesses and consumers”.
This app allows users to find the best places in Perth to suit their mood; it can help them plan a big night out with the friends, or a quiet romantic dinner with the partner. When users sign up to the app they will be able to find out:
The success of the venue
where it is located
the atmosphere of the place
the type of dress code that is acceptable for the venue
This app also comes with fantastic member rewards depending on what benefits chosen by the user. This app offers two different types of benefits the Standard member benefits and the Platinum member benefits. The benefits differ from venue to venue, with some places offering 10 per cent off accommodation, other places giving you a bottle of free red wine if you dine with four or more people. However this app will tell you via the notifications what member benefits are available at the venue.
Mr. Spartalis said: “I created ACCESSVIP because I saw a real need in our community to bridge that communication gap and help local businesses reach not only their clientele, but ours also,” “It’s a project close to my heart and I’m glad it came to fruition.”
This app is able to support businesses in Perth by sending out notifications to your target market, these notifications will allow businesses to advertise offers happening at the venue, and this will increase consumer numbers into your establishment.
This comes with many perks for both the user and business; users can book a table at your venue through this app by either sending an email, calling or sending a push notification back with confirmation. This will certainly save time for both users and businesses.
To download the app visit the website.


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