A Cup of Coffee & Funghi

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A recycled solar powered oven, remnants of yesterdays coffee grinds and bags of coffee husks are just a few of the components innovatively contributing to Perth City Farm’s community garden.
Rubra Coffee values the environment and its sustainability and since 2011, they have been diverting their organic waste, from the coffee roasting and brewing process, away from landfill and to Perth City Farm’s GRO Project.
“It’s important to us to think about the process of our work and it’s impacts. We wanted to look for ways to reallocate our organic waste that benefitted the environment. Perth City Farm provided an opportunity to work together in this way. I am always impressed with their focus on the environment, sustainability and community,” Rubra Coffee’s Allan McMurray said.
Perth City Farm’s GRO Project utilizes Rubra Coffee’s husk waste as well as their coffee grinds in sustainable processes to create organic gourmet mushrooms and premium organic compost. These mushroom products are then sold and therefore support the ongoing funding of Perth City Farm and the future development of their community programs.
Allan says, “The work that Project Coordinator Cris Douwes and his team of volunteers carry out is inspiring. Through the use of recyclable products to effectively utilize waste products in creating sustainable environments – the right mix of chemistry and passion – they have been able to create an enduring and successful city farm.”
The benefits of utilizing organic waste materials in sustainable projects are high on the priority list for Rubra Coffee and they continue to look at innovative ways to work with environmental projects helping to create a sustainable environment for all.
For more information please visit Rubra Coffee and Perth City Farm


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