Seafood Industry – impact of Coronavirus

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Australia’s seafood is globally recognised for its quality and sustainability, which creates great demand for premium produce in domestic and international markets.

However, in recent weeks there has been a downturn in demand for our seafood exports to China as a result of the Coronavirus.

This change in market demand has caused concern for many seafood export businesses, and the industry more broadly, where there is significant exposure to the China market.

The Government has been working closely with industry to provide it with the most up to date information from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment, and the Chief Medical Officer.

We have identified a direct point of contact within Austrade to provide exporting businesses or industry affected by Coronavirus with assistance in accessing alternative markets – both to overcome hurdles in the immediate future and to diversify into the longer term.

Should any of your industry members wish to contact Austrade the point of contact is:

Ms Amanda Hodges – Telephone: +61 7 3364 7706                                     Email:

Fran Freeman, First Assistant Secretary at the Department of Agriculture, provided a new government address for Australian companies to contact regarding business assistance and queries about (alternate) market access. The email is :



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