Orchard Espresso

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Orchard Espresso
Shop 7/21 Jarrah Road, Roleystone
Ph: (08) 9397 7370

Comfort food in the hills of Roleystone

In the serene hills of Roleystone lies the rustic and homely Orchard Espresso. Open since December 2018, this hidden gem feeds the soul through delightful breakfast and lunch dishes with influences of Indian-inspired flavours. “Indian flavours and cooking styles stay with me,” says Chef Sonu Sharma, “it’s in my blood.” First trained in Indian cuisine, owner and Head Chef Sonu Sharma loves to incorporate the country’s spices into his cooking.

With an emphasis on fresh local produce, the charming café creates comfort in its menu that is everchanging. If you’re interested in a cosy café to bring your family, or somewhere relaxed to brunch with a friend, you’d do well at Orchard Espresso.

We started with their most beloved dish, Eggs Benedict. A large serving of free range poached eggs from a local supplier in Forrestdale accompanied with baby spinach, Vienna sourdough, apple cider hollandaise and their signature maple bacon, glazed in-house. You can see why this is the dish they are most proud of. A perfect flavour balance is created between the sweet bacon and acidic hollandaise, all complimented by the creamy soft yolk of the flawlessly cooked poached eggs.

The next dish was simply called the Big Brekkie and the name definitely delivered. It consists of maple bacon, garlic field mushrooms, chipolata sausages, eggs your way, hashbrowns, sourdough and curry beans. The curry beans are a flavour bomb thoughtfully placed in the middle of the dish, acting as the perfect pairing with everything else on the plate.

Next we moved onto some of Orchard Espresso’s new additions to their menu, three comforting lunch options that would be perfect for a cold day in the hills. First, we tried the Zucchini Corn Fritters. A gluten-free concoction accompanied by house made tomato relish, pickled red onion, smashed avocado and if you choose so, another perfectly runny poached egg. Between the sweet and soft fritters, the slightly spiced relish and the acidic pickled onions, this dish felt light and cosy. It’s a great option for vegetarians.

The Pulled Pork Hash, which we paired with a glass of 2022 Clandestine Pinot Grigio, has rich curry-inspired flavours that are soaked up nicely by 18-hour cooked pork and tender vegetables. Served with bread which acts as a great vehicle for the perfect bite of hash, the pulled pork is succulent and will melt in your mouth.

The last dish we tried was Masala Beans, a chorizo and poached egg dish cradled in a skillet of spiced beans similar to that of the Big Brekkie. With a side of either toast or rice, this dish can easily be a hearty breakfast or a warm and comforting lunch.

With an emphasis on quality and freshness, the menu at Orchard Espresso changes seasonally to highlight the best produce year-round. With classic dishes like their picture-perfect Eggs Benedict being a constant fixture, there is something for everyone at this homely café, whether you are looking for something dependable or a sense of variety.

By Ava Berryman


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