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5/337 Stirling Hwy Claremont
Ph: (08) 9385 0222

Explore in style

Just off Stirling Highway next to Claremont Fresh, Lemongrass Thai restaurant provides a dining experience that will have you returning time and time again.
Open for dinner seven days (including takeaway and local delivery options), Lemongrass delivers fine Thai cuisine in a stylish contemporary setting including a spacious seating plan, candlelit tables and friendly staff.
However, if you’re thinking of dining in, be sure to call and book in advance as their amazing food and pocket-friendly prices make Lemongrass a popular evening eatery.
When trying to order off the extensive menu Lemongrass recommends ordering “a number of dishes to share‚ It’s the best way to explore Thai cuisine”. And with Lemongrass’ very reasonable prices (entrees $3 -13 and mains $15-25) there is no excuse not to discover more than one dish.
On your Thai discovery, Menu Magazine has a few suggestions to help you on your way.
‘Sua rong hai (grilled beef)’, thinly sliced Thai-style grilled beef, served with special ‘nam jim jaew’ sauce is a winning option on the entree menu.
Fine cuts of beef are grilled medium-rare to ensure the slices stay juicy and tender, whilst the sweet and flavoursome special sauce combines soy sauce, fish sauce, dried chilli flakes and sugar, with small crunchy surprises of toasted rice to make it an entree to remember.
For a lighter main meal try the ‘Plah goong (prawn salad in lemongrass)’. Slices of crisp cucumber, celery and red onion coupled with juicy and meaty prawns create an amazing contrast of textures. A strong slightly spicy lemongrass flavour and drizzles of sweet and sour dressing make this a fresh and light dining option.
For lovers of chilli the ‘Neua pi rod (angry beef)’ is the hottest dish on the menu. This extra spicy, tasty dish of stir-fried beef with fresh chilli, capsicum, spring onion and green beans will have you reaching for your water. Our first bite did not seem too hot so this Menu writer stuffed in a bigger helping only to be surprised as the chilli snuck up and exploded with force. Copious glasses of water (and tears) later the fragrant dish was too tempting to resist ‚ a much smaller bite next serve! Fire extinguisher anyone?
Lemongrass’ most popular dish, ‘Pad Thai with Prawns’ is a traditional stir-fried rice noodle dish full of flavour and texture that might seem fairly run of the mill – but you have never had it like this before. When the dish is served you could be forgiven for thinking someone has mixed up your order. The noodles come encased in an omelette, sitting on a plate more like a freshly cooked damper than a noodle dish.
According to Lemongrass, this is the traditional way to present and prepare the popular dish, the egg casing keeping the noodle filling moist and warm and preventing the dish cooling and noodles hardening too quickly. With succulent prawns, dried chilli flakes, crushed peanuts, bean shoots and tofu pieces this dish is a best-seller.
Menu’s pick of the evening was without doubt the fragrant, creamy and delicate ‚ÄòGaeng ped ped yang (roasted duck in red curry). Topped with a dollop of coconut cream this dish is beautifully presented and equally beautiful in taste.
The strong flavour of the succulent meat cooked to melt-in-your-mouth perfection is complimented by the fragrant and mild coconut curry. Hidden amongst this smooth creamy curry are crunchy and crisp surprises in the form of bamboo shoots, lychees and pineapple pieces, making a dish with a beautiful mix of texture and flavour.
If you’re after something sweet the ‘Sweetened Sticky Rice’ with homemade mango ice cream is a must-have dessert.
Topped with toasted sesame seeds, the rice pudding (served in the shape of a love heart) is a creamy, sticky, sweet, fruity, light and delicious dessert and will ensure a soothing end to a spicy meal.
By Lauren Norton


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