Hayashi Japanese Restaurant

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Shop 54 Cale St, Midland
Ph: (08) 9250 7464

Just Landed

Simple but stylish were my friend’s comments as we entered the brand new Midland Hayashi Japanese Restaurant with its clean, modern lines. The polished surfaces shone, reflecting the huge windows while the Japanese screens seemed luminous.
The staff appeared so happy and attentive, seating us in a flash. Lily, the assistant manager, was very well informed about the cooking style, ingredients and which sauce to put with what dish.
We began with Mixed Sushi, an artistic assortment of nigiri, which is sushi rice with various toppings, and nori rolls – sushi rolled with nori seaweed containing  various fillings.

The Prawn Tempura Roll, coated in tempura crumbs and pink fish roe were filled with prawns and pickled radish. There was a crunchy, salty outer layer, the soft sticky rice and then the firm prawn flesh enhanced by the zingy pickled radish. The soy sauce, wasabi paste and ginger added even more punch to these tasty morsels.
The Rainbow Roll came a close second with a generous slice of raw salmon wrapped around the delicious vinegar sushi rice, which was filled with prawn meat and avocado – a smooth, creamy sensation.
We were delighted by the Mixed Sashimi which is freshly sliced raw fish served with soy and wasabi. We were told they are always cut to order, and indeed they looked like they had just landed from the sea. The platter was beautifully presented with many greens and pinks, and aesthetic shapes.
The Tuna Sashimi rolled in a fine shaving of cucumber was cold on the tongue and refreshing, while the tuna melting in the mouth paired nicely with the accompaniments.
My favourite was the Kingfish Sashimi. Pure

white flesh topped with finely sliced shallot and eaten with finely shredded radish, it had a slightly sweet flavour and smooth texture – the vegetables were a match made in heaven.
The Salmon Sashimi was a thick slice that had been rolled to show its silken outer layer. It had a crunch as I bit into it and a creamy consistency. All the sashimi and sushi was prepared by the very artistic and talented Moe, the long  standing chef of Hayashi.
The Seafood Teppanyaki Duo was a mix of grilled and barbequed king prawns and scallops. The scallops were juicy and sweet and the sauce of soy and seafood stock was a perfect ally. The prawns were crunchy with the sake cooked in brandy and the slight heat from the pepper, giving an extra bite.
The Prawn Tempura were tiger prawns fried in a light Japanese batter. The warm sauce was made from seafood stock, soy sauce, ginger and radish and the sweet/salty flavour brought out the taste of the prawns and cut through the batter. This batter was delectable – a crisp and crumbly texture finely coating the flesh. Lily explained that tempura must be cooked at just the right temperature to achieve fine results.

We met the shy, smiley chef Otake who came from Japan over ten years ago, and is obviously passionate about his cooking. His priority is freshness and he cooks to order. For example the tuna and beef are fresh from their origins in WA and he does not prepare in advance as many restaurants do these days.
Hayashi Japanese Restaurant is right next to Midland Gate Shopping Centre, so you can call in for a quick bite or stay awhile, relax and enjoy the fine Japanese cuisine 11 am – 2.30pm daily or 6 – 10 pm every night. There are also weeknight specials and takeaways available – ideal if you want a night off cooking.
By Frances Myshell


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