Delicious Every Day

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delicious-everyday-cover_smlLook out for Anna Gare’s new cookbook Delicious Every Day – a collection of her favourite, most relied-upon recipes, from decades of being a caterer, TV Cooking Show presenter and home cook.
Created by her desire to eat good nutritious food that is preservative and additive free, most of Anna’s recipes lean toward the healthier side, and many are gluten-free.
You’ll find there are recipes for every occasion and from just about every corner of the globe’ – Anna Gare.
There are accessible, drama-free midweek meals to satisfy fussy eaters and show-stopping salads to share. The chapter of one-pot wonders is tailor-made for nights you just can’t face a sink full of dishes. There are even two dessert chapters: one heavenly and virtuous; the other unapologetically sinful.


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