C.Y. O’Connor Village Pub

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11 Erade Drive, Piara Waters
Tel: (08) 9397 0233

Catering for Everyone

C.Y. O’Connor Village Pub is the place for everyone. That was obvious as I sat under a tree in the sunny courtyard, sipping my pint of apple cider. Looking around, I noticed the off-work tradies in the sports bar, girlfriends catching up over a quiet chardonnay and the mates having a late lunch and chat with their end-of-the-day beer under the tree next to mine.

The relaxed and welcoming atmosphere is echoed across the menu too. “We really want to make sure we cater to everyone without exclusion”, Executive Sous Chef Brandyn Horsley tells me as he’s serving me his meat-free Melaleuka Farm Beef Burger. Instead, it was made with Love Buds alternative protein and if I hadn’t been told it was meat-free – I would not have even noticed. There is a smokiness in the patty that is as comforting as biting into a beef burger, thanks to the open flame cooking method used. Served in a light and fluffy potato bun, the burger is the perfect serving size, juicy and fulfilling to eat. With a choice of cheese or vegan cheese alternative, you can also make the meal fully vegan. A special mention also goes to the chips served alongside the burger because they are sprinkled with the house salty-spice mix.

I enjoyed a pint of icy cold James Squire Orchard Crush Apple Cider with my meal. It has a fresh and fruity aroma with a clean and crisp finish, just perfect with a burger on a warm day.

The second dish we experienced using the Love Buds range of alternative protein was the Chicken Parmigiana. The crumb on the patty was crispy and had a wonderful crunch, and I am happy to say the tomato sugo was just enough, offering the right amount of moisture without being overpowering and making my chicken – sorry, alternative protein, soggy. A decent layer of melted cheese covered the entire parmy so it was a very satisfying mouthfeel. Once again, if you were not told what it was you would not have a clue it was actually Love Buds alternative protein.

C.Y. O’Connor Village Pub is a proud ‘farm to table’ venue, so you will find a range of dishes carefully curated on this menu. They are all designed to highlight the stunning Akaushi beef carefully raised on the family owned and run Melaleuka Farm in North Dandalup.

There is no doubt that an increasing number of Australians are choosing to consume less meat. For whatever the reasons, what we are sure of is that the enhanced tastes of plant-based alternatives, along with a growing awareness of its positive effects on the environment are a key driver for this change.

For those happy carnivores who are trying to reduce the amount of meat they eat, alternative protein is a great substitute. You get all the flavour without feeling you are missing out on something. But what I appreciate is that this is a product that has been introduced onto the menu at C.Y. O’Connor Village Pub as a way of catering to a range of dietary requirements which allows the community to gather, socialise together and connect. It has been well thought out and is complimentary to the style of dining at the venue.

Who was C.Y. O’Connor? Appointed by Premier Sir John Forrest in 1891, Charles Yelverton O’Connor was the first Engineer in Chief of WA. His job was to improve the railways, roads, water supplies and harbours in the colony and is most famous for the development of the Fremantle Harbour and the Goldfields Water Supply Scheme – otherwise known as the Goldfields Pipeline Project.

By Sarah Schmitt


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