Beer and Food Matching Guide

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Here are a few pointers that head chef Melissa Palinkas (Mash Brewing) put together to help guide you through matching beer & food.

1. Think of ale as red wine and lager as white wine
So when red meat or any dish that would normally pair with red wine is on a menu, select an ale or dark beer to serve with it. Conversely, if the main course is fish or poultry, try with a lighter style lager or wit beer
2. Cut
When serving a rich, creamy, oily and heavy foods pair with a bitter & hoppy beer such as an IPA or Pale ale. The bitter hoppiness helps to cut through the richness and cleanses the palate for a refreshing finish

3. Compliment
Try to match dishes to beers with complimentary characteristics, like robust stews with full bodied ales. Salads & delicately flavored foods with beers with lighter flavors like a wheat or pilsner
4. Contrast
Dishes containing heat from chilli & full aromatics such as Asian foods, Indian, Mexican foods should be paired with crisp clean subtle flavored beers such as a lager. They are not an equal match in flavor but balance out spiciness and dissolve the heat in your mouth


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